Web Maintenance

It is very important that your digital strategy is safe and in continuous improvement.

Why is maintenance so important?

Today Internet is the most important communication channel of a company to its customers, keep it updated, track its statistics, improve its features, improve its security are as important as having made a good development in the beginning.

Through the Internet you can pull any strategy of your company and take advantage of market opportunities!


Having corporate email accounts with your domain is very important, both for the security of your company and for your image, that’s why we offer a professional email service. Also, in many cases we recommend Google Gsuite , where you can centralize emails, calendar, video conference, share files between users and departments all with the security and trust of Google.
email marketing campaigns are also a very powerful tool, both internal and external. It allows us to communicate directly, it is very important to do it correctly without putting our domain at risk of SPAM or entering blacklists.

Social Networks

Integrate your website with social networks to increase the audience, both to improve your management of contacts with clients as well as to attract and interest new clients, also to attract more visits increasing your exposure and web traction.
Facebook, Twitter, Whatsappamong others offer free services available to boost your business.

Analysis and reports

Through a good analysis and follow-up, having clear our objective we can know if we are using the correct strategy, or we must generate a new one, investigate what is the behavior of our users, who seek, who find, how they move within the page, from where they arrive, from which devices they access and infinity of information very valuable for us.
So we can visualize opportunities by putting the most searched information at hand, or by making our visitors aware of the product or service we are promoting.


Having our site updated is important for our clients, both to build loyalty and to engage new customers and not only that, Google gives importance to the content of the site if it is updated and that way we improve the positioning. On the other hand security, is another point by which to keep the web updated.
This point is also connected to the first, if we have a good analysis and update the site we can achieve goals for the website, add services for customers and take advantage of our website, we must bear in mind that our website is a tool and it has to generate a value for the company.


We can move web applications or websites to other servers or cloud services, to improve performance and improve costs.

Web Hosting

Under our services we offer in-house hosting for your web, application or mail, with excellent cost-benefit ratio. High-speed disks , SSL security certificates, 2 weekly backups, support and specialized maintenance 20/7/365

Monitoring and Security

Keep applications up to date to avoid attacks and keep track of resource utilization to prevent incidents, backup management are our tasks. We can also advise in order to obtain the best performance in applications, websites, mail servers, etc.


Our low cost COMPANY PACK plan, includes all the above points, from development to start-up, from USD150 per month. * Minimum stay of 1 year.

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