Web development and support / maintenance

We become on your department specialized in web development and support / maintenance where you can delegate your needs.

(Social+bits) technology for and by humans, we believe that the best things appear when these two worlds come together, we pay special attention to details, experiences and usability.

Excellence, we work under high quality criteria in processes and the latest technology.

All of our projects are built to achieve a specific purpose.

We believe that continual improvement process and monitoring is a key part of a winning strategy.

mariposas y calculos

What do we do and how?

We collaborate with small and medium-sized companies to develop their digital leg, we know that there is no crisis on the internet and today the virtual world is more valuable than the real one.

Through a web development we create an optimized platform to drive our client’s initiatives.

Then through support / maintenance a continuous improvement is carried out, adjusting, optimizing and detecting opportunities.

Can I access support / maintenance service if I already have my website developed?

Sure! It is not a requirement that the development of the web has been by us, we can apply all our practices of continuous improvement, monitoring, optimization to a legacy project. Also make specific adjustments that you need working by the hour.

WordPress y Django

We specialize in these two technologies, however at the same time we integrate with many others to enhance our developments (Mailchimp, Facebook Dev, Whatsapp Bussines, GSuite, Instagram Bussines and more). We also have in-house hosting service with 24/7 support.

Need help? Or you have any query about web development and support / maintenance. Without obligation, we will respond quickly.

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